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From USA HOckey:

Affiliate Presidents:

Please refer to the attached letter for guidance and information in the wake of any media or constituent inquiries regarding USA Hockey’s policy after the tragic death of Adam Johnson.  I also ask that you refrain from offering a personal opinion which can be spun into a USA Hockey opinion and defer to our Safety and Protective experts who have done years of research on this very subject.

I am sure that there will be a call for mandating, but it is important for you to consider not only the challenges associated with a mandate but also the legal implications that come along with same.  While, based of extensive research, USA Hockey continues to recommend the use of Neck Laceration Protectors, it is important to remember that parents/guardians have the ability to make it mandatory for their child regardless of the status of any rule.

We are available to discuss this further with you if you have any questions or concerns.